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500 – 600

New SAAS Users Monthly:

Our Unique System Delivers “High Paid Subscription Rate” & “Low Churn Rate”

Using “Multi-Step Quiz Funnels, New-Gen Testing System for Facebook Ads!”

[New-Gen Testing has helped brands scale from $10k/Month to $Million Dollar Per Month Spend]

monster framework allows you to generate 500 – 600 New SAAS Users Monthly with a high paid subscription rate and low churn rate.

If you are a SAAS company and have tried running Facebook Ads by yourself but failed every time, even after paying a $7k Retainer to an Expert Facebook Ads Agency or a Media Buyer with a $100M Ad Spend.

After testing tons of ads and not one of them breaking even?

And even after getting that trial, more than half of them leave?

And even after you find a winning ad, That ad dies right after two months without it being able to spend at least over $50k?

If that sounds like you, you should keep reading.

Limitations on who this letter is for? 

  • This is only for SAAS companies, So If you are an E-COM, Real-estates or any other company besides SAAS, then it would be better to drop off here because the whole thing is a limited solution which works on SAAS more than anything else.
  • If you have yet to reach PMF or need to validate the product idea. (If not, you should focus on reaching PMF first, Instead of investing in Ads.)
  • If you don’t have at least $3k – $5k (Minimum to Start) to start with Facebook Ads because If not then you will just be gambling your money away because Algorithm on Facebook needs time and purchases to give your overall results.

Who is this for?

  • If you are a SAAS company that wants to scale on Facebook ads because you know how crucial it has become after the launch of threads to make Facebook Ads work for your company.
  • If you are a SAAS company that requires a solid solution to the whole Facebook Ads problem! And also looking to generate 500 – 600 leads monthly with a high trial rate and the lowest churn rate.
  • If you are looking for something that can help you sustain that new whole level of success with Facebook Ads because you already know how important it is to make a marketing channel work that has over 3Bn+ Daily Active Users!

Dear Reader,

This method will allow you to generate 500 – 600 Leads Monthly with a High Purchase Rate and Low Churn Rate.

Not just leads,

High-Quality leads convert into your customers and not only convert but even Pay and Stay for as long as possible.

And not even that!

Ultimately they end up being your Evangelist and Sharing the words about your product to everyone!

Now we all know that’s the best kind of customer you can get, and that’s the one who spreads the word about your product and recommends everyone!

So sit back “RELAX & TAKE A DEEP BREATH” because, with the help of Facebook ads + Our Monster Funnel, You can even become the industry leaders!

In the nutshell how this whole system works –

Now let me get this straight and on to the point,

With my eight years of experience in marketing, design & advertising.

With 250+ Clients served from all over the continent.

The biggest mistake I see people make is that people treat Facebook Ads like a PPC platform and still use the old lead magnets that many people download but never read.

Even If I tell you every single concept of ads & how this funnel is, I can’t because I already have my day job at a SAAS company (I love my job.) & On the side, I run the business of serving tons of SAAS, companies through referrals.

And I don’t want people blaming me for something going south because this whole system and funnels work with me being in it. After all, every company is unique, and the worst thing you could do is take my advice right now and implement it at the wrong time.

That’s why we are presenting FB SaaS Ads+.

  • FB SaaS Ads+ is a system with different frameworks that work with every SAAS company with Low, Mid & High Ticket Offers/Products.
  • You can scale your Facebook Ads to the moon with this set of frameworks because just getting leads and the one-time fix is not something any SAAS company should be looking for!
  • The whole system is backed by tested frameworks that have worked for over 50+ Companies.
  • A new-gen lead magnet that makes your read rate go from 10% to 97%. So, in the end, your lead magnet will not be stored in just memory.
  • We write all the emails that the funnel has segmented, and those emails have an open rate of 96%, with action taking a rate of 60 – 70%.
  • A new ads testing strategy that will go to make the Facebook ads work for you and that is only known to like top 10k advertisers or even less.
  • “RIGHT OFFER AT RIGHT TIME” Strategy to ensure your advertising efforts are not going in vain. LinkedIn is using this strategy, which works 90% of the time and helps you increase your revenue and improve your SAAS product overall.
  • You can quickly get 500 – 600 leads, with a 60 – 70% conversion rate with a low churn rate of less than 10%.

How exactly we do this? And what’s our high level promise to you?

Step 1: Crafting Engaging Ad Funnels for Low and High-Ticket Offers. In this first step, we focus on creating captivating ad funnel, ensuring we attract the right audience. For low ticket offers (ranging from $0 to $400), our five-step funnel includes Ads, Lead Opt-in Sales Page, Video Sales Letter (VSL), Email & SMS Setup, and a Closer if required. For high ticket offers (above $400), we streamline the process with Ads, Sales Letter, Booking Appointment, and Closing on Call. Our primary goal is to achieve exceptional Click-Through Rates (CTR), prequalify leads effectively, and optimize lead conversion to maximize your business’s success.

Step 2: Maximizing Click-Through Rates and Engagement. After prospects engage with our ad funnels, whether for low or high-ticket offers, we employ tailored email sequences to cater to their specific needs. For low ticket offers, this includes creating high-converting VSLs, while for high ticket offers, we focus on achieving a show-up rate on the appointment of over 80% through an engaging sales letter. Additionally, our email and SMS sequences aim to achieve a 95% email open rate and 80-90% SMS open rate, significantly improving lead engagement and conversions.

Step 3: Securing Appointments and Conversions. For both low and high ticket offers, we emphasize booking appointments and securing conversions. Leads from our ad funnels are guided through the prequalification process, whether it’s for low ticket or high ticket offers. For low ticket offers, we use email and SMS sequences to encourage leads to book appointments, while for high ticket offers, we suggest a more comprehensive approach, involving Sales Development Representatives (SDR) and Account Executives (AE) for tickets exceeding $500.

Step 4: Continuous Improvement and Optimization. In the final step, our focus is on understanding and improving the entire conversion process. We gather valuable feedback from Facebook Ads data to determine which part of the funnel is performing best, allowing us to refine the ad funnels, sales pages, email sequences, and appointment booking process. This continuous improvement cycle helps us retain more high-value customers in the long run.

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Please note – If you are not a SAAS company then this product is not for you, This product is a business amplification tool that allows your SAAS to dominate the whole industry and capture tons of market share, It will amplify your current business model, So If it’s not good to begin with then Facebook Ads can’t fix that

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